Employer Staffing

Employer  Services – What We Can Do For You…

  • We staff occupational, physical and speech therapists in  New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
  • Our team are first responders for same day coverage needs in addition to placement in long term and short term positions.
  • We work with you in assessing our candidates for job compatibility prior to interview.
  • We are forthright and honest in the process of referral.
  • References & required documentation are provided as determined necessary.
  • Employer consultation, employee counseling are available upon request.
  • Our service fees are tailored to meet employer specific needs which  include the most cost effective options  in the industry.
  • Post your position at no cost: CLICK HERE  Our courtesy job posting option is available with all responses forwarded to you with no obligation.

**   Physical Therapy Jobs  * Occupational Therapy Jobs   *  Speech Therapy Jobs  **

Permanent Staffing:      

Hire our staff as per diem. If they fit well into your organization, consider hiring them as permanent staff.

If you choose to hire a permanent staff professional through us  without taking advantage of a per diem trial period we offer you a full refund guarantee for the first three months of employment.

Our permanent fee rates are very reasonable.

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Temporary Placement:

Our  staff services include referral to  same day assignments as well as for long term placements.  We are always attempting to update and add new therapists to our roster and do our best to stay in touch with their schedules and availability so we will be ready for your call.

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GoodNews Personnel makes every effort to supply required documentation including with some exceptions:

  • Resume * License * References  * Insurance * PPD
  • Titres * CNA Registry check * Check for professional disciplinary actions
  • Contact us for details on our placement services:  CLICK HERE to inquire
  • Post your position at no cost: CLICK HERE

Professional Consultation:                                                                                    

GoodNews Personnel has been providing staffing services for physical, occupational and speech therapists with an interest in long term and short term career opportunities for the past twenty years.

Our team of consultants, Ellen Gluck and Deirdre Murphy, have expertise in the employment services industry specializing in matching of career goals, skills, experience and personal needs with employment opportunities.

We pride ourselves on our caring and honest approach to the referral process.  Our efforts have proven to be an effective way to move toward greater job satisfaction, skill development, professional growth and consequently career longevity  – to the benefit of employer as well as employee.

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Disclaimer: GoodNews acts as a referral service. All of our per-diem therapists are independent contractors who are responsible for carrying their own liability, health, worker’s compensation and/or disability insurance.