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Tired of Your Work Environment?

If you are looking for a change, contact Ellen at 914-747-3299 or email Your industry is changing and the challenges, expectations and professional environment of 2 years ago has changed.  Finding work and personal life balance is more difficult, feeling a sense of fulfillment in one’s career sometimes feels compromised, and a sense of being overwhelmed is more prevalent.

There are solutions and we are here to assist in figuring this out

Is a staff position better for you than per diem ?

A staff therapist who recently made the switch to per diem told me:
“Once you go per diem you will never go back”  Why ?  ” Because you can have full time hours with time flexibility, the pay is higher and you can choose where you want to work so you are happy.  It is easy to arrange assignments so you know your work schedule months in advance.  Also, you leave work and can focus on your personal life without worry.”
Want to discuss pros and cons ?  I have been placing staff and per diem therapists for many years and will take the time to go over how this arrangement might be beneficial for you.
Please call me any time Ellen: (914) 747-3299

Work Satisfaction Is Critical For Mental Health

On Sunday night do you dread going to work Monday or experience anxiety and stress at the thought of work ?  Something needs to change

As a professional career counselor with close to  30 years working in the field of rehabilitation I advise therapists on ways to improve their quality of work life so once again joy can be felt in the workplace

The analysis can have wonderful consequences from looking a one’s job differently to working on changing positions so work satisfaction can be realized once again

You are not alone since changes in the industry have been disruptive within your profession and the impact of change is felt by many

Call me so we can discuss your situation and possibly find solutions and restore your love of your profession

Ellen: (914) 747-3299


Hand Therapy is a great professional skill.  Diversify your knowledge Continuing Education is available:

******************************************************************************************* Social Worker is needed- Are you a social worker or do you know any ?  Westchester County retirement estate needs a full time staff social worker… Full time work of this quality is rarely available  so please let everyone and anyone know about this opportunity and to call (914) 747-3299 or email

Story Of An Old Man  Click Here

 Anyone who wants to work as an independent contractor in New York State would benefit from having a federal and state tax identification number since there is a trend within the industry to require payment using this method Be aware, with a corporate identity you can explore the possibility of deducting your cost for health insurance…

Fed Tax Ids are free and easy from the feds:
Or combined Fed and NY state:

Want to work in NYS ?  Get Your Flu Shot ! FluNew York State is requiring all individuals work in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities either have the flu shot or must wear a mask while  working. This will start upon declaration from the Commissioner that the  flu is prevalent in NYS.  Best not to wait and make sure to have documentation stating you received your vaccination.


Independent Contractor?  Incorporate to add validity to your status. Visit our Resources page for our link to guidance through the process and call if you have any questions: (914) 747-3299